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Dear Future Husband,

Via: Little Reminders of Love 

One day we will meet and before that day comes there are a few things you may need to know. 
I like to sleep in on saturday... sometimes until noon. 
I need coffee right away in the mornings otherwise I am not the best person to talk to.  
Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner, I hope thats okay 
I love Edith Piaf and I listen to her while I read, cook, clean...pretty much all the time. 
There are going to be times when we fight and I'm going to always want to win or be right. 
There are going to be times when I will cry  for no reason at all and I may need you to wipe my tears.
I love sitting in coffee shops and bookstores for hours, I hope you're okay with that. 
People watching is one of my favorite activities...I can't wait for us to do this together. 
I'm a procrastinator it's one of my many flaws...
Sometimes I have dance parties and sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs. 
Sometimes late at night I go searching for cookies and milk. 
Sometimes I watch old black and white movies on Friday nights and sip on Champagne
I love to travel and I hope you do too. 
My family is my rock and my heart. I hope yours is to you. 
One day soon we will meet...until then.

Say Helloooo.

Hey there,
Any question or just wanting to say Hello?? 
Feel free to email me anytime.