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10 things I've learned while living in San Francisco thus far..

  1. Layers. It's all about layers in this city people.
  2. Brunch is the cool thing to do here, and I absolutely love it. 
  4. Running after a bus in hopes of catching it before it gets to the next stop...yeah not the brightest idea. (1st hand experience don't do it._ 
  5. The clipper = new.best.friend.
  6. Movie in the park = awesomeness
  7. The hills...I will never get use to. The stairs up muni totally building muscle. 
  8. The Muni broke down New valid excuse to give boss when late to work! WOOHOO!!
  9. Being a regular at your local coffee shop is the best feeling
  10. This city is the friendliest place ever. 

Dear Future Husband,

Via: Little Reminders of Love 

One day we will meet and before that day comes there are a few things you may need to know. 
I like to sleep in on saturday... sometimes until noon. 
I need coffee right away in the mornings otherwise I am not the best person to talk to.  
Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner, I hope thats okay 
I love Edith Piaf and I listen to her while I read, cook, clean...pretty much all the time. 
There are going to be times when we fight and I'm going to always want to win or be right. 
There are going to be times when I will cry  for no reason at all and I may need you to wipe my tears.
I love sitting in coffee shops and bookstores for hours, I hope you're okay with that. 
People watching is one of my favorite activities...I can't wait for us to do this together. 
I'm a procrastinator it's one of my many flaws...
Sometimes I have dance parties and sing at the top of my lungs to my favorite songs. 
Sometimes late at night I go searching for cookies and milk. 
Sometimes I watch old black and white movies on Friday nights and sip on Champagne
I love to travel and I hope you do too. 
My family is my rock and my heart. I hope yours is to you. 
One day soon we will meet...until then.

Say Helloooo.

Hey there,
Any question or just wanting to say Hello?? 
Feel free to email me anytime. 

Welcome to the city.

I've come to realize that people here in the city (San Fran) are the nicest. In just the first few days that I had arrived in the city good friends of good friends threw my darling cousin and I a "Welcome to the City" BBQ. Can you say sweet?! It was such a kind gesture and of course we accepted. The weather was beautiful, the food was fabulous and the ambiance was lovely. It was a perfect evening with new friends.  Looking forward to more summer BBQ's in the near future.

Hello San Franciscoooooooo

I am officially a resident of San Francisco again! 
These last few weeks that I have been here, have been nothing but fabulous. 
I live in a city that is filled with beauty in every direction I turn. 
I am filled with so much happiness starting at my fingertips leading all the way to my toes
It feels completely and utterly surreal, there have been moments where I've had to pinch myself to remind me that I am really here 
I can't believe I'm home. 

About Me

A San Francisco girl who loves lattes, bookstores and eats way to much sushi. A writer, a reader, a hopeless romantic. A risk taker, a teacher. A girl who lives for Jesus, serendipitous moments, lazy afternoons in the park, fresh flowers and early mornings.