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10 things I've learned this week thus far...

  1. Tacos, tacos, tacos eeeeee, I love tacos!!
  2. I have loved the sun in the city for these last few weeks,  but I need some cold winds and fog in my life! 
  3. I wish I could go to work in pajamas...not everyday, but somedays would be nice.
  4. I could live at the movies. 
  5. sigh, cereal is pretty great, lets be honest. 
  6. never did I ever think I would like mc hammer pants and I totes just bought a pair, completely in love with them. 
  7. I want to speak french. 
  8. Lists are life savers.
  9. Go with the gut. Say yes to fun. 
  10. HIMYM...I could watch it all day long. 

Craftman & Wolves.

There is a street in the Mission that has easily become one of favorite parts of the city, Valencia St. I catch myself hanging out there some morning, some afternoon and even some evening. It's filled with restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clothing stores and so much more. I find myself down on Valencia at least once maybe even twice a week. It's the perfect area to meet for brunch, walk around and meet for dinner and drinks at night. I love the atmosphere, the people and all that surrounds this neighborhood. 
Last weekend I finally tried out one of the many bakeries that I have been dying to try since moving to the city last summer: Craftsman & Wolves. There pastries our to die for and they serve one of my favorite types of coffees, SightGlass. That makes this place that much better. The ambiance was so chill and comfortable. I can't wait to go back to lesson plan, read or just meet with friends.