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10 things I've learned while living in San Francisco thus far..

  1. Layers. It's all about layers in this city people.
  2. Brunch is the cool thing to do here, and I absolutely love it. 
  4. Running after a bus in hopes of catching it before it gets to the next stop...yeah not the brightest idea. (1st hand experience don't do it._ 
  5. The clipper = new.best.friend.
  6. Movie in the park = awesomeness
  7. The hills...I will never get use to. The stairs up muni totally building muscle. 
  8. The Muni broke down New valid excuse to give boss when late to work! WOOHOO!!
  9. Being a regular at your local coffee shop is the best feeling
  10. This city is the friendliest place ever. 

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