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10 things I've learned this week this far...

1. Lately I've had a minor obsession with taking taxi's everywhere!
2. I could probably eat sushi everyday like every single day.
3. Need to invest in rain boots...sooner than later.
4. Kacie B seriously should of never returned to the Bachelor...justsayin
5. The hills in this city...still not getting easier.
6. I love being in a city where I can wear a scarf every single day if I choose too!
7. I have such a wonderful job!
8. Should of probably got the flu shot....
9. Avacado and Mango? How was I not aware of this combination before??!
10. 4 day weeks, could totally get used to this.


  1. sushi. EVERY SINGLE DAY. yesyesyes. it's so good. there's this place in salt lake where you order a roll that's not on the menu and you die because it's THAT good!!!!

    talk to me about this avocado + mango combo.

  2. Avacado and mango? I've never heard of this combo either! I better try it out ;)
    xo TJ

  3. always my favorite posts of yours!

  4. I'm also a big fan of sushi I can eat it everyday too :)

    Vintage Inspired indie Fashion for your little darling

  5. Sushi soooooo delicious! I think going to Nobu in NYC was the best day of my life ha! And I love avocado and mango in salsas together! :)