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10 things I've learned this week thus far...

  1. Tacos, tacos, tacos eeeeee, I love tacos!!
  2. I have loved the sun in the city for these last few weeks,  but I need some cold winds and fog in my life! 
  3. I wish I could go to work in pajamas...not everyday, but somedays would be nice.
  4. I could live at the movies. 
  5. sigh, cereal is pretty great, lets be honest. 
  6. never did I ever think I would like mc hammer pants and I totes just bought a pair, completely in love with them. 
  7. I want to speak french. 
  8. Lists are life savers.
  9. Go with the gut. Say yes to fun. 
  10. HIMYM...I could watch it all day long. 

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  1. himym! ahhh i just watched the most recent one... WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!? i have to be honest though, i'm ready for the end. i'm ready to know who the mother is.