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10 things I've learned this week thus far....

1. There is never a dull moment on the bus
2. Really love what I do
3. Lately, I've been having a relationship with kettle corn....so good!
4. I may regret this in the future down the line BUT I seriously love writing/creating lesson plans...
5. People that are ignorant sometimes really frustrate me
6. Nsync probably will never have a reunion tour... Does that make anyone else sad?
7. I wish I cooked more
8. I am a much happier human being after I've had my coffee
9. I am madly in love with the city I live in.
10. I am an organizing machine!


  1. kettle corn & i are having a relationship too. where has that stuff been all my life?!?! it's somehow way better than regular popcorn.

  2. I wish I cooked more... That's how I feel every time I see my mom cooking delicious meals :)

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