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Sundays: New brunch spot day! (officially!)

Church and Brunch with friends. Sometimes, errands. 
that is what my Sunday;s consist of. 
I have officially, unofficially declared sundays as "find a new brunch spot" day! 
There are so many places in this wonderful city to try that are right at my fingertips, yet there are just not enough days during the week, or time for that matter to try them all. 
So, I have declared Sundays as my "find a new brunch spot' day.
Anyone's invited so feel free to come. 
This Sunday the weather was gorgeous out so we decided to walk to the Mission. 
We tried one of the many restaurants down on Valencia St. (There are SO many!!) 

I was in love after first bite. 
I ordered a frittatta with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes and normally I'm not a big fan but after eye balling someone else's food I decided I had to try it! 
Thank goodness i did because well it was a party in my mouth. 
Not only do they have breakfast but guys, they have a MAC & CHEESE  BAR!!! 
If that doesn't excite you I don't know what will. 
I'm seriously counting the days to when I get to go back! 

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