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10 Things I've learned this week...

  1.  SF is never prepared for the heat it gets ever summer aka...every September. SO HOT!
  2. Pour over technique #toomuchwork why I pay people to do it for me.
  3. Apparently...already grounded coffee just isn't okay. 
  4. Fall is here, even though it isn't even close to feeling like fall...it's still HERE. 
  5. I've missed this blogging thing
  6. sometimes you just have to eat dessert first 
  7. Go with the gut, say yes to fun!
  8. Guys, Monster Squad is up on Netflix now. Excited would be an understatement. 
  9. TJ's...{trader joes } never a good idea in the city on Sunday's or Mondays or even sometimes Tuesday's... 
  10. Jesus is everything.

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