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SF, I love you...

Say Hello to Dia. 
She's a Kindergarten teacher who inspires kids that it's okay to get messy, take risks and explore the impossible. She's a lover of plants, hot coffee, outdoor beauty and prefers dark chocolate over milk.

She also, loves the city and all of its quaintness. 

What brought you to San Francisco? 
A fresh start. A new beginning, a risk to find happiness on my own, living here I've found a piece of myself that at one moment in time was lost. This is my second time living in the city as an adult and it took leaving to realize that this is where I belong. 

What do you love most about the city? 
I love that at one moment you are walking down a street alone reliving your past, thinking of your future and living in the beautiful moment of the present. Then you turn the corner and you realize your not alone but instead submerged with people, friends and iconic cityesque life.  

What is your favorite spot? 
At the top of any SF hill when the fog has just set and it feels a bit erie...thats the perfect spot in the city for me. 

Favorite coffee + latte? 
Hands down blue bottle in the Embarcadero...specifically on a Saturday morning during the Farmer's Market. 

Where do you brunch? 
Savor in Noe Valley right on 24th Street. It's quaint and it has the best oatmeal pancakes in the city. I ask to sit outside you won't regret it. 

How does SF influence or inspire you? 
It inspires me so much, every single day. 
Professionally - it inspires me to be a better teacher. Everyday I'm surrounded by under privileged children in the inner city school I teach at, these children's love for life, their home, their heart for their favorite places in this city...inspires me to be the best teacher I can be for them.  

Personally- it inspires me to be creative, to be me. I am inspired to love people, love my surroundings. Inspired to eat healthy, be fit, this city challenges you everyday, it's a pusher for sure. 

Favorite San Francisco memory? 
Driving across Golden Gate Bridge. There is something so invigorating about driving across, until you experience it... there are truly no words to express that moment.  

SF in three words? Lovely, lovely, lovely. 

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