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SF, I love you.

SF is my heart. there is no other city I love more or could imagine living in.  This new series will feature my dear friends who love SF as much as I do and fellow SF lovers to get their perspective on this beautiful darling city we all call home. So lets begin...

Say Hello to Angelique.
She's a passionate 21 year old who is always up for adventure, loves Jesus, who's heart breaks for people and is a world changer. Oh, and happens to be my sister too.  

What brought you to San Francisco?
God brought me here! Jesus called me to move here 3 years ago to start a church called Canvas(canvas-sf.org). My parents are true San Franciscans (yes, the rare "born and raised" kind), and my heart always yearned to move here, but when God actually told me to "go and make disciples" I was more excited about coming to the city than ever before and I knew then why my heart was so fond of SF. I'm so happy to be here!

What do you love most about  the city?
I love the culture here. The walking, the decedent foods, the artistic and soulful coffee/tea houses, the music that surrounds you everywhere (on the streets, in the subway stations, in restaurants and coffee shops, etc.) I love it all. Once you come to SF you never want to be anywhere else, it's home to me.

What is your favorite spot?
I would have to say the view from the top of Dolores Park. It takes my breath away. You can see the whole city in all its glory. I know you can't view the bridge, or the water, or whatever, but I can see the city I love lit up and smiling back at me. It's an experience.

Favorite coffee + latte?
That is SO hard, but as far as latte's go I love Sight Glass. As far as coffee goes, I love Blue Bottle. And as far as tea goes... I love the Grove. (sorry I didn't exactly choose one...)

Where do you brunch?
Definitely Mission Beach Cafe. I judge brunch spots based off their mexican inspired dishes(I guess it's the latina in me lol) and MBC's Huevos' is BOMB.  Beware you may be tempted to run across the street and get a haircut at Population Salon. 

How does SF influence or inspire you?
San Francisco influences me to strive for what I am most passionate about and drives me to to the highest potential of happiness that is possible. It inspires me to explore new things and allows me to discover more of myself each day. 

Favorite San Francisco memory?
Walking through the Tenderloin district (the most impoverish, substance abuse stricken district) with my father as a little girl. Growing up, I was never sheltered from the evils of this world and getting to see such pain at such a young age definitely shaped me as an individual. Walking through the Tenderloin is truly one of the most humbling experiences to see people enslaved to drugs, alcohol, poverty, etc. and realize just how beautiful your life is. I have been empowered and inspired in my life to help the people in the Tenderloin through my church, Canvas. (canvas-sf.org) and have been intervening on behalf of the Tenderloin through the organization, City Impact, for the last three years. 

SF in three words:
Live Laugh Love... Ha, I'm totally kidding. I'd have to say "Beautifully, Wonderfully Made"

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